BELIZE is furniture that perfectly reflects current interior design trends. The elegant, non-obvious decor with a distinct wood pattern looks very interesting in the company of black, massive bodies. The sophisticated character of the entire collection is emphasized by decorative brushed gold strips and minimalistic metal handles.

High, vertical site in an elegant and modern style. Ideally suited to the living room and dining room. The glazed part with two glass shelves allows you to display your favorite porcelain and high glass, but also books and souvenirs. You can conveniently store clothing, textiles, porcelain and other items in lockers.

The spectacular nature of the site is built by a black body combined with the distinctive color of a wood-like decor and brushed gold strips. Internal lighting, available as an additional option, underlines the structure of the interior of the furniture and exposes objects placed behind the glass. It is an ideal proposition for all lovers of the economical glamor style. It looks great solo or added to other furniture from the BELIZE collection.


Width: 55 cm, Height: 200 cm, Depth: 41 cm

LED included

Basic information:

Decorative strip in brushed gold
Metal handles
Made of laminated board



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